Evaluation of teaching profession a must

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Evaluation of teaching profession a must

Human beings is born illiterate. Man can only know once he knows it from anyone or any source. Any new knowledge must come from other people. A teacher is a person who possesses the precise and specialized ability, intuition, education, experience, skills, knowledge, and credentials to teach a certain topic or a range of subjects. He educates those who are poorly talented, informed, or educated in a certain field. The future of the world is taught by the teacher.

Where it is stated that education is the backbone of a nation, it should also be considered that teachers are the brain of a country. Through his knowledge, competence, principles, and ideals, he helps the kids qualify for better future generations. One of the primary sources of wisdom that is shared among students throughout the nation is their teachers. As a result, it aids in the growth and development of the country’s economy, politics, society, and technological expertise. It boosts the nation’s self-assurance and strength. Nobel laureates� scientist Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” The teacher helps to awaken the latent talent of students. The youth of today will lead a nation in the future. The teacher has the primary responsibility for ensuring that the child has the necessary knowledge, abilities, qualities, and information to govern the nation of the future. From kids to young students, the teacher must mentor, instruct, teach, and modify them for career objectives.

In every nation, teachers were the people who were most respected and appreciated. However, although it is widely acknowledged orally, the way our government treats and behaves toward its teachers doesn’t seem to reflect this. Comparing the behavior of our teachers with those of other countries gives an idea of the status of our teachers. Comparable salaries, benefits, opportunities, and social status of teachers in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Brazil, and Kazakhstan are much higher than ours. Of the total budget for FY23, the allocation to the education sector is 12% compared to 11.9% for FY22. As a percentage of GDP, it is 1.83%, which is below the allocation for the next fiscal year. This is one of the lowest in the world and well below the recommended minimum of 4-6% of GDP and 20% of the national budget.


This budget shortfall makes it difficult to implement a proper education system to build a perfect infrastructure. A list of discrimination can be found in different sectors of teaching-related occupations. Among them, the disparity in salaries and benefits is simple to judge. In addition, there is a wide variation in the salary structure of teachers. Non-governmental teachers are prominent victims of this discrimination. In fact, they are very dissatisfied with their salary and lack of financial benefits and allowance. Primary, secondary, and university teachers are victims of compensation and benefit discrimination compared to teachers in other countries. Among all teachers in the country, we have occupied a lower position in the teacher’s index. They demand fair wages, benefits, allocations, and promotions and are often seen going on hunger strikes day after day in front of the National Press Club. Discrimination, humiliation, and deprivation in this world’s finest and best profession are entirely undesirable.

On the other hand, in addition to discrimination in the financial sector, the current social status of teachers is also heavily significant. Teachers are not treated as second parents and as the most respected people. Nowadays, many incidents of humiliating our teachers in our society have surprised us. Teachers are humiliated and do not get the dignity they deserve in our society. Influential politicians now control educational institutions, resulting in fraud. As a result, Teacher independence is declining and education quality is poor.

Evaluation of teaching profession a must
Evaluation of teaching profession a must

Discrimination in the economic and social status of teachers discourages people from choosing this great job as a career goal. If primary education is compulsory and in spite of being the foundation of future education, these teachers of intuition are not getting the proper pay grades, promotions, and other facilities. That is why talented and qualified students are not interested in this job. As a result, people of low quality and ability are recruited as teachers, which will affect future generations badly in our country. Teachers who received inadequate salaries, allowances, and benefits left their jobs for a miserable life with them. The most talented students go abroad for higher salaries and opportunities. Teacher support is highly complex and seriously impedes the improvement of the quality of education. When teacher needs are not met, educational institutions turn into commercial rather than service-oriented institutions. They will choose another path to income by relying on private tuition and coaching. Then they will not guide the students properly. Without guidance from teachers, they become involved in violent crimes such as illegal politics, drug addiction, and youth gangs. The student-teacher relationship will deteriorate. As a result, a proper education system will be destroyed.

After all, teaching is the only profession that gives rise to all other professions. Mustafa KAmal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, said, “A good teacher is like a candle: it consumes itself to light the way for others.” The ideal teacher is. The prosperity and development of nations and the world cannot be imagined without the contributions of teachers in various fields. Teachers are the founders of nations. Considering the future development of Bangladesh, teachers’ qualifications and rights must be fulfilled. The best salary, opportunities, benefits, and promotions are very important to attract talented and qualified people who choose this profession as their first choice.

Sadikur Sadik, Student, Islamic University, Kushtia

Member, Bangladesh Tarun Column Lekhok Forum, Islamic University Unit

Published : Monday, 16 January, 2023

Paper: The Daily Observer

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